A Fork on the Road: St. Patrick’s Day at The Irish Times in South Miami

Wear some green on Saint Patrick’s Day and head to The Irish Times for some Gaelic craic (fun). They are throwing their annual party Monday with live bands and a buffet next door. The cozy place serves pub grub with Strongbow dry cider and Smithwick’s Irish red ale on tap.

Irish owner David Higgins ran bars in Dublin and came to the United States 20 years ago for a job with Smith & Wollensky in New York, then South Beach. He opened the pub six years ago, naming it for an Irish daily newspaper with a logo of a triangular Celtic harp. Pieces of the broadsheets are on the faux-finish walls with quotes from famous Irish authors done by bartender-artist Jo Mathers.

Saint Patrick’s Day started as a religious celebration with Lenten restrictions lifted for the day that honors Irish heritage. Lift a pint to the former slave from Roman Britain who brought Christianity to the emerald isle, then dig into potato skins loaded with cheese and bacon. Irish fare includes beef shepherd’s pie topped with whipped potatoes; bangers and mash; and corned beef braised in Guinness served over cabbage and potatoes. There are also mussels in white wine with brown bread, corned beef sliders and beer-battered haddock with chips. A fry breakfast is served all day with Irish sausage, black pudding, bacon, eggs and baked beans with toast, good for soaking up suds. Sláinte! (to good health!).

Linda Bladholm is a Miami food writer and personal chef who can be reached at