Unlicensed procedures a recipe for disaster

Once again a local celebrity has to die in order to talk about the risks of cosmetic surgery. Radio personality Betty Pino died several weeks ago after having surgery and developing a life-ending infection. Her cause of death was due to “silicone” injections in her gluteus. She developed an infection and died a horrible death. This is neither the first nor the last person to die while trying to improve their looks in South Florida.

In the pursuit of perfection and the fountain of youth, women and men are undergoing cosmetic procedures with unlicensed people.

I’m writing this so I may be able to save one person or make several people think twice prior to having the same injections. Many of the patients that I see with significant facial and body problems are intelligent and often well-to-do patients. The patients want a permanent fix while paying less money. In the long run, these injections will cost a patient more and will destroy their lives. While some people do get reasonable results, there are way too many people that get significant disasters for this to be done legally.

So I’m going to give you certain clues to determine whether the injections are being done by licensed, practicing doctors. They should immediately cause you concern.

1. Your friend tells you that a famous doctor from out of the country is coming in and will be hosting a party that will be injecting people for just one night.

2. That party will be hosted at a hotel room, and if something happens the party will be moving to the back of someone’s car. You should be highly suspicious if while you’re waiting for your injections you see a receipt from a hardware store for industrial grade silicone.

3. If the friend who invited you has a face that is very swollen, looks distorted and tells you how good the doctor is, you should turn around and run!

While the above information sounds incredulous, these are the clues that many of the victims have had, but continue to pursue their desire for reaching the fountain of youth. There are many well qualified, honest physicians to take good care of you, find them.

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified.