Transformers ride to open at Universal in June

Transformers: The Ride – 3D will open at Universal Studios June 20, just a year after construction began and close to the start of the summer season, resort officials announced Thursday.

Already, in a prelude to the opening, 9-foot-tall Autobots are roaming the park, and a shop is selling Transformers merchandise.

The dark ride, with 3-D and flight simulator technology, features a high-speed chase and a battle between the Autobots — led by Optimus Prime — and Decepticons over AllSpark, a source of energy. In the pre-ride queue, guests will be recruited to join the Autobots in trying to keep AllSpark away from the Decepticons.

The ride will introduce a new character, Evac, an Autobot who transforms into a car after which the ride vehicle is styled.

One reason contruction of the ride is taking only a year is that it is a twin to Transformers rides already operating at Universal Studios parks in Hollywood, Calif., and Singapore.