‘Guru’ is wrong: Upper lids can be done alone

Q. I want to have my upper eyelids done. My friend, who is a plastic surgery guru, tells me I have to do both my upper and lower eyelids. She says that very few plastic surgeons only do that. What are your thoughts?

A plastic surgery guru, she’s not! Every group has its self-appointed plastic surgery maven who “knows” everything and knows only the “best” surgeons. Of course you can have surgery on your upper eyelid alone.

Plastic surgery and treatments are based on individual needs. There are four separate surgeries when doing upper and lower eyelids. Most eyes have some asymmetry, so the surgeon must adjust in order to get them to look even. That is the art in doing eye surgery well.

Cosmetic eye surgery should be done by a facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon or an oculo-plastic surgeon. The procedure is done commonly with sedation and local anesthesia and may take anywhere from one hour to two. It is essentially pain-free (I have a survey to prove that!). Recovery is usually one week, at which point stitches are removed. Makeup may be used by eight days and normal activity may be resumed by four weeks. Patients can often go back to work by eight days.