This baby carrier doesn’t carry so well. It was recalled after babies fell

Nothing defines a product not fulfilling it’s raison d’etre like a baby backpack carrier that allows a baby to fall out and crack his skull.

Osprey’s Poco child carriers is such a product.

That’s why the company recalled the 82,000 carriers sold in the United States and the more than 5,000 sold in Canada. The leg openings, large enough that a seated child can slip through, make Osprey’s Poco line defective The company admits to getting four reports of kids falling through, one of which resulted in head scratches, the other resulting in a skull fracture.

The recall covers all Poco, Poco Plus and Poco Premium manufactured between January 2012 and December 2014. To find the production date, look in the large zippered compartment on the back carrier. Find a black label sewn inside. The production date codes are: S12SBPR1; S12SBPR1B; S12SBPR2; S12SBPR3; S12SBPR4; F12SBPR1; F12SBPR2; S13SB IPO; S13SBPR1; S13SBPR2; S13SBPR3; S13SBPR4; F13SBPR1; F13SBPR2; F13SBPR3; S14SBPR1; S14SBPR2; S14SBPR3; S14SBPR4; and S14SBPR5.

Osprey wants customers to stop using the backpacks before their bouncing baby bounces off the ground and contact the company for a seat pad insert. Consumers can call Osprey at 1-866-951-5197 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time Monday through Friday, email at or go to the website.

David J. Neal: 305-376-3559, @DavidJNeal