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This Japanese garden has been a labor of love for 35 years

Step out David Boteach's front door and a gentle world beckons – one filled with wondrous plants, waterfalls and whimsical bronze busts of fauna peeking over the leafy flora. Here sit two frogs shyly holding hands beside a lily pond; there stands a blue heron looking past a cinnamon-skinned paperbark maple toward a pool of pot-bellied koi. Peppered throughout the pebble-strewn paths, beneath graceful hinoki cypress and a stunning weeping Atlas cedar are a half-dozen stone Buddhas, their benign smiles affirming what is clear to all:

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Style at Home: Celebrating the kitchen, the heart of the home

In my house, we sleep in the bedrooms, relax in the family room, and we live in the kitchen. It is the meeting place after a long day and the hub of activity during a weekend at home. When hosting guests, I find myself entertaining more and more from my modestly sized kitchen. Even though we don't intend to host by the oven, as house layouts trend increasingly toward open concepts, the kitchen is no longer a hidden room for immediate family. Instead, it has become a shared space for all who visit. I have found bringing decor and design into the kitchen a challenging but fun experience. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when decorating your kitchen.

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Plumber: Thinking about a kitchen sink upgrade

Q: Dear Ed: I have an idea to replace my kitchen sink with a new farmer-style sink. I understand that I should work with a contractor to custom cut my existing cabinets to fit this style sink. Any other information and/or tips you can share with me about this proposed project?

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March Madness: Using a bracket to master your to-do list

Your household tasks can seem overwhelming when you add them all up at once. After all, your list could have as many tasks as the NCAA March Madness Tournament has teams. If you're feeling paralyzed by the scope of your to-do list, give your list the bracket treatment at the start of the month or after a big move. This will help you narrow down which projects to tackle first.

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Grief can take its toll on you. Here’s when to seek help.

The loss of a loved one can take a physical and emotional toll on you. Grief can produce stress in your body. The process can be different for everyone, and people may even experience “complicated grief." Learn more here.