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He mocked the kids fishing, then threw rocks at them. He's in jail on child-abuse charge.

Dustin Strange
Dustin Strange

A Robbie's Marina cook is facing a felony child abuse charge after police say he threw rocks at three teenagers fishing from a bridge next to the docks of the popular Florida Keys spot, hitting one of the boys.

Dustin Hugh Strange, 42, is in Plantation Key jail on $35,000 bond on one count of aggravated child abuse.

Monroe County Sheriff's Office Deputy Nelson Sanchez wrote in his report Tuesday that he viewed cellphone video shot by one of the boys showing Strange throwing rocks at them as they fished from the bridge near Robbie's Marina on Lower Matecumbe Key around noon Tuesday.

One of the boys, a 17-year-old, was hit in the back of the knee, causing an abrasion, Sanchez wrote.

The video, which the Sheriff's Office has not released because it is evidence in a pending investigation, began by showing Strange "mocking" the boys' fishing style, calling it "dirty fishing." The boys said Strange became angry after they cast their lines toward the docks at Robbie's, Sanchez wrote in his report.

Cailin Reckwerdt, general manager of Robbie's, had no comment on the incident.

The video showed Strange yelling vulgar insults toward the boys. They responded with their own insults.

"This then appears to further infuriate the defendant who replies by saying, 'Come on up here and I'll f___ you up right now,'" Sanchez wrote.

One of the boys replied, according to Sanchez's account of the video, "You're going to touch a 15-year-old?"

Strange responded, "I don't give a f___ who you are," before he began throwing the rocks, Sanchez wrote.