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She wanted to see her husband’s cellphone. Now, she’s facing a strangulation charge.

Update: All charges were dropped in January, 2019.

Miami-Dade corrections officer Marsha Bienaime really wanted to see her husband’s cellphone.

On Tuesday, she faced a Miami-Dade circuit judge after Miami police charged her with battery and battery by strangulation after she had another fight with her husband over his cellphone.

Earlier in the day, police say the pregnant woman asked her husband of four years to give her his cellphone so she could look through its data. He refused. She tried to grab it but was not successful and left the apartment to buy some juice.

Apparently fortified, she made a second grab at the phone when she returned to their apartment, WPLG reported. Police say Bienaime grabbed her husband’s neck with both hands and started strangling him to the point he couldn’t breathe. He broke free by pushing her hands down, but she let fly with a smack to his face.

The man walked to the Miami Police North Station to file a report.

This was not the couple’s first tussle over that cellphone.

In January, Bienaime and her husband fought because he wouldn’t let her go through his phone because he told her he had evidence of her prior abusive behavior. In that incident, police say they saw surveillance footage, provided by her husband, of Bienaime pepper spraying him across the torso, neck and arms, WPLG reported.

She told authorities she had insecurity issues about her marriage, which was why she was so determined to see his phone, police said.

On Tuesday, the unidentified husband filed a complaint. Bienaime appeared before Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Mindy Glazer.

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