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Hermès' La Flâneur

In 19th century French literature, a flâneur is a character that strolls, passionately wandering the world while removing himself just enough to see it all more clearly. Now, fast forward to millennial Miami. Meet the new La Flâneur—a bicycle built to inspire modern but no less impassioned rides. Not surprisingly, this two-wheeled thing of beauty comes courtesy of Hermès, the legendary leather goods house that got its start in 1837 making saddles for kings. All these years later, they continue their tradition of handcrafting nearly everything they make in France—and their bike is no exception. Its lightweight materials and stylish design allow for durability and lightness. A supple leather seat takes the ride to new heights. And while the bike fits in beautifully with the new Hermès motto— A sporting life! —one thing is for sure: this ride is less about speed than it is about leisure and grace. ($11,300. Hermès, 171 NE 40th Street, Miami; 305-868-0118;