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What moves in Miami?


“Blue is a huge seller—in the dial, in the strap, everything. It’s about lifestyle: What does it look great with? Jeans. You can go anywhere in jeans. It was introduced last year by everyone, and kept selling out.”—Sandy Hequin, owner of Morays Jewelers in Downtown Miami.


“In South Florida, sport watches with rubber straps have been very popular and will continue to be popular. Hublot revolutionized the industry making rubber luxury. With our year round climate, naturally, you see a lot of them.” —David King, president of King Jewelers in Aventura.


“Pieces with advanced technology do well: G-Shock, Tissot, Suunto. In Florida, people want a durable watch. The G-Shock has a classic look that can be worn in the office if you’re known for your adventurous spirit.” —Katie Wudel, managing editor of Our Minutes, the digital publication for Tourneau, in Aventura, Bal Harbour and Coral Gables.