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Signs of summer in South Florida

My 14-year-old reminds me every day how many more weeks we have until summer, but I’m way ahead of her. Here's how every South Florida mom knows summer is almost here. 

  1. I’ve given up on buying clever school lunch box items.
  2. I’ve stopped asking, “Is your homework done?”
  3. The Royal Poinciana trees have turned sunburn red.
  4. The ocean is finally warm enough to swim in for real South Floridians.
  5. TV news starts tracking tropical storms.
  6. The beach towels stay in the trunk, just in case.
  7. We buy our summer reading list books.
  8. That familiar swamp gas smell settles into the mangroves. Ain’t it swell?
  9. The air conditioner in my car kicks into full cool mode as soon as I get to my destination. 
  10. My perfume of choice is eau de Off! 
  11. Sunsets are that much sweeter.