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Talitha cabinet

Potter, designer and author Jonathan Adler calls South Florida home for part of the year, coming down to escape the cold and relentless pace of his other abode in New York City. It is here that he recharges and finds inspiration. “In South Florida,” he said, “the sea, the sun and the human oddities conspire to create a singular, surreal and sublime setting.” Not to mention, provide the perfect backdrop for his elegantly quirky designs. His new Talitha cabinet is particularly suited for our balmy shores, with its shining ray pattern and seashell handles. Handcrafted out of nickel-plated metal, which will grow more lustrous and warmer with time, the hand-stamped pattern resembles a sunrise over the ocean, and the abalone inlaid handles shine with a myriad of watery hues. The piece isn’t just stylish, it’s wonderfully functional too. Use at an entryway, as a buffet or bar, or as a pair flanking a doorway. Adler knows this all too well. He’s got one in his own dining room. ($2,500. Jonathan Adler, 4040 NE Second Avenue, Miami; 305-576-0200;