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Nancy Batchelor

Nancy Batchelor’s days are frequently filled with long and complex contracts, impossible requests that must be met and cutthroat negotiations. Such is the life of a Miami real estate broker in a booming market. Which is precisely why the woman at the helm of one the South Florida’s highest performing ultra-luxury real estate teams—her office brought in more than $87 million in sales for EWM Realty International in 2013—chooses to begin her days in a very different way: by driving 30 minutes north to East Wind Farms in Southwest Ranches, where she rides her two horses, Euphoria and Clive.

This, Batchelor says, is where she gets to focus on something bigger than the day-to-day. It’s where she can focus on what her body is doing (from her head to her heels) and on intently looking forward, understanding that if she doesn’t she could very well wind up on the ground. “The simple fact that you’re on a huge horse that has all of this power brings a feeling of success. You and it become a team,” she said, describing the bond between rider and horse, which is considered one of nature’s deepest relationships. There are many other life lessons riding has imparted on her, Batchelor says, and she finds herself constantly drawing parallels between it and business too—the importance of teamwork, maintaining balance, planning ahead, navigating obstacles. She often shows her multi-million listings just after a riding session, while she’s still in her breeches and boots, and sometimes she brings clients to the farm to either introduce them to horses or to help those who have ridden in the past reconnect with them. It’s proven to be a powerful way for her to not only bond with clients, but to share her passion.

That she is able to carve out time for such an intense hobby—or “religion” as she calls it—is a testament to Batchelor, who regularly puts in seven days a week at work, and has three children, ages 16 to 25, with her husband Jon, a philanthropist. Yet no matter what comes up, she insists on making sure to have one three-hour riding session per week and more on weekend mornings. During her routine, she rides Euphoria, the 16-year-old Argentinean Warmblood she bought 10 years ago, for 45 minutes, takes a short break, then rides Clive, the seven-year-old German Sport Horse she purchased last year. “It really helps me,” she said. “If I feel defeated, or if I don’t know if I can deal with a situation, I’ll go riding and feel like I met a goal. I clear my mind and find my direction.”