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The bedroom

When Cynthia Whitaker first moved into her Boca Raton condo, the master bedroom “looked like nothing, just a blank slate,” she said. Its only assets were big, south-facing windows and an abundance of natural light. A celebrated interior designer with a busy office in Miami, Whitaker was up to the task of transforming it into something dreamy and restful. She laid the groundwork for the room’s serene, floaty vibe by having her seamstress make white linen curtains and a gauzy bedspread to match. “I’d picked up the fabric in Palm Springs years ago and was just waiting for the right place to use it,” said Whitaker. “White is one of my all-time favorite palettes because of the ethereal quality it evokes.” Next came her bed and a pair of minimalist B&B Italia side tables, along with a large pencil sketch portrait. To vary the scale and inject some personality, Whitaker added a few paintings in different sizes from artist friends, and a framed Picasso print that she spotted at the Lincoln Road flea market. “That’s one of my favorite shopping experiences,” said Whitaker, who juggles design projects in South Florida, Aspen and Connecticut. “I travel a lot for work, but I find a lot of things I love on Lincoln Road, like the little bowls on my nightstand.”

One glaring omission: there’s no television set. “I try to keep the vibe as soothing as possible,” said Whitaker. “One of my favorite things is to hang out in bed on Sunday mornings and read the paper and listen to music. I enjoy getting dressed in my bedroom too.” Furthering the room’s serene glow is her favorite scented candle, the citrus- and balsam-infused Elton John by Nest. “It was a holiday candle but I stocked up since I loved it so much,” she said. What makes the room extra special, she said, is that “of all of the rooms in my home, this one most reflects my personality. It’s airy and simple but a little artsy and bohemian. Those are words I’d use to describe myself.”