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Labor Hall of Fame

Did you ever notice that the number of hours you spent in childbirth becomes a badge of pride in some mom circles?

I honestly couldn’t tell you how many hours I spent giving birth, and I’m really not interested in retracing those particular moments. The brain has a miraculous way of forgetting pain. Why mess with that?

I was snug in a hospital bed, with ice chips and my husband unsuccessfully trying to make conversation on both occasions, so I really have no complaints. Not like the recent spate of new moms who gave birth in the most unlikely – and uncomfortable – places. 

Do a Braxton Hicks bow to these no-nonsense delivery queens. These are my favorites so far this year, along with a few notables from years past that deserve a special place in the Labor Hall of Fame.

  1. Sled baby: A Philadelphia woman gave birth to her daughter on a sled in the front yard of the family’s Roxborough neighborhood home in January. Shirley Bonanni had started labor and her husband Fabian couldn't drive up their steep, hilly street in the snow, so he put his wife in their toddler's plastic sled and began pulling her to the car. With the help of neighbors and a 911 dispatcher providing instructions, baby Bella was born on the roadside.
  2. Crosswalk baby: Polly McCourt of New York gave birth on an Upper East Side street corner in February. She tried to hail a cab, but it was too late. She delivered Ila Isabelle on the corner of 68th Street and 3rd Avenue, and named her daughter after a passerby who came to her aid and offered her coat.
  3. Interstate snow baby: Amy Anderson gave birth while stuck in traffic on an icy Atlanta interstate highway in January. Stranded in snow and ice, she delivered the baby girl with help from the father and a police officer.
  4. Walmart baby: A woman gave birth to her baby in a Walmart parking lot in Melbourne, Fla., in January while her other kids were in the backseat. Their father had just stepped in to shop for a few moments. When he came outside, he learned he was a new dad.
  5. Barnes & Noble baby: No indication whether she was in science fiction or mysteries, but a Los Angeles area woman gave a very vocal birth inside a Barnes & Noble in October 2013. After the happy ending, store patrons applauded. 
  6. L’Enfant on the move: Shavonnte Taylor delivered a baby boy on the platform of a Washington, D.C., Metro station in August 2013. The name of the stop? L’Enfant Plaza (French for “the child.”).
  7. Close but no cigar baby: Sun-Sentinel photojournalist Amy Beth Bennett gave birth (her second) in the parking lot in May 2013 outside the Boca Raton Regional Hospital when she couldn’t get into the hospital fast enough. Baby photographer Emily Robinson’s shots of the moment went viral. 
  8. Art in the eye of the beholder:  Performance artist Marni Kotak delivered her baby boy before a small crowd in a New York City art gallery in October 2011 as a new work she called "The Birth of Baby X.” 

Where did you give birth, and can your story compete with these?