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What's Wrong with Today's Teenagers?

We know our kids’ generation is doomed because the past was, and always has been, perfect. 

Kids today are disrespectful, entitled, materialistic, spoiled and self-absorbed – snapping selfies all the time, obsessing about fame and consuming crappy music.

Oh yeah, they can’t even write in cursive.

They will never know true hardship because they’ve never experienced the frustration of using a pencil to rewind a cassette or the uncertainty of answering a phone without Caller ID.

Back in the golden age of our youth, when you had to actually get out of the chair to change TV channels, we developed into sturdy, independent individuals by roaming free, terrorizing neighborhoods on our banana-seat bikes. We didn’t have helmets or Spell Check. Heck, we didn’t even have Google Maps to tell us where to go. We had to seek the answers to life’s big questions on a Ouija board, not Wikipedia. 

Each generation revels in condemning the next. Even Generation Y will eventually become Generation Whine. But we may have met our match with our own offspring. 

Today, The Kids Are (More Than) Alright. They’re brilliant. 

My children’s generation hasn’t been given a name yet, but based on what I’ve experienced and read about their behavior, I have one that may surprise you: Smart.

Despite the almost daily complaints I hear about young people today, there are plenty of reasons why we should all just chill and simply get out of their way. 

Numbers show that they drink less, smoke less, use less hard drugs, have less sex and interact better socially

Over half of today’s teenagers are virgins. Condom use is up. Teenage pregnancy rates are at a three-decade low. Teen abortions have fallen by one-half. Oral sex is down

Despite the rise in social media, face-to-face interaction with friends is holding steady. If you throw in all that texting and instant messaging, you could argue that teens today are even more socially engaged than any other previous generation.

And they're managing their relationships while studying subjects in high school that make it look like we were learning basket weaving back in the 1980s. 

If anything, I would be concerned that these kids don’t know how to loosen up and have a good time, but since pot use is on a slight uptick in this age of legalized marijuana, I guess they’ve figured that out, too. 

So let’s not worrying about giving them a clever name as they grow up. Let's give them jobs.