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A Florida Mom ...

You’ve probably heard of “Florida man,” the popular Twitter parody account started earlier this year that posts real news about bizarre crimes and incidents, with each headline beginning “A Florida man…”

Some examples: "Florida man criticized for hanging effigy of dead reindeer outside home" or "Florida man run over by wife after lying down drunk in driveway."

The point is that Florida has more than 50 Shades of Cray-Cray. We are the country’s sinkhole for wackos. We don’t have to make up our ludicrous, it slides right into our state on a regular basis. 

Let’s not limit this distinction to the guys. Florida had a remarkable year for wacky moms in 2013 (and if anybody has an excuse for outlandish behavior, it’s certainly moms). 

I’d like to nominate a few. Before we get smug and superior, let’s remind ourselves that we may all just be one stupid idea away from becoming “a Florida mom…”

  • Florida woman gives birth to 14-pound baby 
  • Florida mom accused of inhaling nitrous oxide from whipped cream can with 1-year-old son in car
  • Florida woman stuck dangling on raised drawbridge (this one counts because her son is quoted in the story)
  • Florida mom who blogged about 2-year-old son accosted in Wal-Mart for pink headband Baker Acted 
  • Florida mom arrested for leaving children in car to attend Lil Wayne concert  
  • Florida mom shot daughter in mistaken identity, police say
  • Florida mom attacks son's bully on school bus

Control the craziness in 2014, Florida moms!