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3 officers shot in Northwest Miami-Dade; search for suspect leads to blue Volvo

A South Florida police officer was shot Tuesday morning in Northwest Miami-Dade and was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Two more offciers were shot afterward as police surrounded the suspect's car.

The original shooting happened in the 2200 block of Northwest 27th Avenue. After the shooting, the suspect took off with the officer's cruiser and gun.

Dozens of officers from several departments are congregated at Ryder Trauma Center to support their injured colleague, who are all expected to survive.

The first officer was seen walking in the hospital and talking with colleagues.

The stolen police car was abandoned in Hialeah. A bulletin was then sent out for the suspects in a blue Volvo.

That led to police surrounding the car at around Northwest 27th Avenue at 65rd Street.

Live TV video showed police officers surrounding the suspect's car and a yellow tarp covering a body outside.

This bulletin will be updated as more information becomes available.