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The gift of time

A watch is undoubtedly a very personal gift, but if you get it just right, a watch can be the most meaningful gift of all. If your loved ones love the watch, they’ll not only wear it often—maybe even every day—but when they do wear it and check it for the time, they’ll inevitably remember who gave it to them.

“A watch is a great gift for the favorite people in your life,” says Ed Dykes, co-owner of Weston Jewelers (along with his wife, Tracey). “It’s a very personal gift and can be accessorized to fit the person’s tastes and needs. A watch is very special and comes from the heart.”

Choosing the Right TimepieceIf you’re lucky, your loved ones will talk about the watches they want in plenty of time to get to your local authorized retailer. In fact, one way to gauge their interest might be to put this magazine in front of them now and see what they react to!

Where and how you decide to buy your watch makes a big difference, whether the piece is for you or someone else. A fine timepiece is an important purchase and requires a lot of thought.

“A mechanical watch has a ‘heartbeat’ just like a person and has a very personal connection to the wearer,” says Michael Gordon, Tourneau’s flagship store General Manager. “Watches, when taken care of properly, will last a lifetime and may be passed on to future generations to become a treasured heirloom.”

First, you want to touch and feel the watch, try it on your wrist and see how it looks. At the same time, and find out as much about this watch and other fine timepieces as you can. Only an authorized, expert retailer can do this for you.

“Since a watch is such a personal gift, you can make sure you are selecting the right watch for the recipient by asking yourself a few simple questions,” says Jono King, director of sales, King Jewelers. “What type of lifestyle does the recipient lead? What is the person’s particular style? What does the person already own?”

In addition, with an authorized retailer, you know you are getting the real deal—a brand new watch that will be warrantied and serviced by the brand. On the Internet and in stores that are not authorized retailers, it can get a little dicey; there have been horror stories of people buying watches that they thought were new and were actually secondhand, counterfeit or even stolen.

“Only an authorized retailer has the expertise and knowledge to properly answer questions as well as service brand watches,” says Eva Hartling, director of public relations, Mayors. “A watch is an investment piece, and customers need to know they can count on their retailer in case their watch needs servicing, or if an issue arises.”

Lastly, buying a fine timepiece is not like buying a book or a CD. It’s an experience to enjoy, and a great retailer can really make buying your timepiece fun. Take your time and enjoy yourself.

A watch, no matter the style, the brand or the cost, can be the perfect gift. You just have to take care to choose the perfect one, which is why it’s a meaningful, and thoughtful, gift.