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Resolve this: end-of-year resolutions for 2013

Don’t panic, but we have less than two months until this year is over. 

Forget New Year’s resolutions. What about all the things you want to get done before we close out 2013?

As my youngest daughter winds down her final months of middle school, I’ve become very nostalgic about marking this coming of age for us all. Here’s my “to do” list before we count another year gone by. 

  1. Take my kids to “12 Years a Slave” and have a frank discussion about slavery and race in America.
  2. Create a photo album documenting at least the first few years of my kids’ lives. (See laments last month about death of the family photo album.)
  3. Clean out my guest room so somebody can actually sleep in there.
  4. Run a 5K with my kids.
  5. Resume the journal writing I started when my kids were babies and I thought everything they said was brilliant.
  6. Convince my kids to like eating eggs.
  7. Start making my bed in the morning.
  8. Throw more dinner parties.
  9. Stop reducing my life to lists.