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The Argument for NOT Teaching Your Child How to Read

Since my daughter was two years old I have been working with her on reading.  I was impatient for her to start reading so she could learn to love reading like I do.  We did it the usual way, started with the letters, worked up to easy words, easy sentences, harder words, harder sentences and four years later, here we are.  She sure can read a lot of things, and she loves it.  Really, really loves it if she can use her reading to correct mommy or present logic to aid an argument.

1. Speed limit signs.  Mommy, I saw the speed limit sign.  it says go 35 M-P-H.  You're going 40 M-P-H. Mommy do you want the police to put you in jail.  They will.

2. Nutrition labels.  Mommy. This says it has 200 calories and there are two servings.  This is really not good.

3.  Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheese Potato Chip Labels.  Mommy, these chips say they have "real cheese" in it.   It has to be healthy. You know cheese is healthy, right. I want these instead of real, real cheese and it doesn't need a refrigerator.

4. Children's Menus. Look mommy. On the children's menu it says mac & cheese.  Did you miss that? 

5. Texts.  Mommy, [insert name of person here] texted you and..are you going our Saturday night.  It is asking if you want to go out.  I don't want you to go out.  Don't go out mommy, please, please. I am begging you...I am going to tell him/her not to go out with you anymore.

6. Soda.  Mommy, that is not soda.  That is beer,  B-E-E-R.  What do you think, I can't read?

But in all fairness, I am proud of her.  It is better she is reading than not.