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Deals to look out for in September

It’s September and stores need to make room for their Halloween and fall stock. This means big discounts on summer merchandise. The best sales are the ones that aren’t advertised in weekly ads but instead found on the always changing clearance racks at our favorite stores. Below is a list of what to look for if you really want to save some cash.

Patio furniture and grills

While most of the country gets a break from their patio furniture in the fall/winter we are just breaking ours in to enjoy the “cooler” weather that visits South Florida in the coming months. Stores have already begun marking down patio furniture and grills to make room for other seasonal merchandise. Don’t overlook grocery stores and drug stores as some also carry patio furniture that they want to get rid of. Watch for clearance deals for these outdoor items at home improvement stores and their online websites.

Beach, pool and garden merchandise

The drug stores are marking down their summer merchandise 50-75% off this week. This is the time to stock up on goggles, water toys, coolers, flip flops and gardening products. Big box stores as well as drug stores will be the place to look. While at CVS, be sure to scan items at the red coupon machine to confirm the price before checking out. Many times clearance items will ring up at a better discount than is advertised. Every store is different; one store may have summer clearance at 75% while another store down the street may still have it at 50%.


While here in Miami we don’t get a big change with seasons we can still take advantage of the northern states cold weather as stores all receive most of the same cold weather apparel. Keep your eyes peeled for clearance racks at your favorite clothing stores to find summer clothes heavily discounted.  From shorts and tank tops to swim wear and towels. We Floridians get the best bang for our buck with these sales since we have a few more months of warm weather. Don’t need any more summer clothes? Think about stocking up on summer basics for your kids in the next size up. Just yesterday I was able to pick up some cute character tees marked down to $2 for my son at Walmart which had several racks in each department with summer clearance. I found similar deals at Kohls and other department stores.

School supplies

August was the hot month for buying school supplies but school supplies sales are still lingering for office supply stores. Check the big box stores for heavily clearance school supplies that’s left over from August such as pens, notebooks and folders.


Out with the old, in with the new.  Auto Manufacturers start rolling out next year’s model cars at the end of summer/beginning of fall and need to make room by selling the 2013 models quickly. It’s a good time to haggle down the price of 2013 model cars as discounts continue to grow as the year ends.