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What You Eat - Ep 1 - Barley & Swine Gastropub

With a booming gastronomic scene, South Florida is becoming a hub for some of the most talented chefs in the business.

What You Eat, a new web series from the Miami Herald, highlights the men and women behind the aprons who are helping put South Florida on the culinary map.

We jump into the minds and kitchens of the best and brightest cooks the area has to offer.

Our first chef is Jorgie Ramos, owner of Barley & Swine Gastropub in Dadeland. Ramos maybe new to the game, but his food is nothing to take lightly. A menu focusing on artisan pork, Ramos is putting Kendall and Dadeland on the hot seat with his increasingly popular Americana creations with a latin twist.

Music featured - U.S. Army Blues - Kelli's Number