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Appreciating Miley Cyrus

How many of you watched the MTV Video Music Awards?  I didn't even know the VMAs were on until the internet blew up with posts on Miley Cyrus. Not wanting to have to pretend I saw the performance,  I headed to YouTube and watched the show.

Damn was she brave and I'm not sure why people were so upset with what she did.

Kudos. She is an entertainer and was she entertaining.  So many of those young performers blend together in a mediocre/post-teenage/skinny/actress/singer/hodgepodge/interchangable kind of a way.  Miley has now pulled ahead.  I recognize her.  She wanted to be talked about and she did without explosives or chemical weapons. Whether she made a good move for her "brand" has yet to be seen, but she is a brand.  She's a brand of one meaning she didn't wipe out any stockholders.  She isn't collecting dust, like those Hannah Montana bedspreads have been for years.

Kudos. She wore a skin-tight plastic beige two-piece bathing suit for a live TV performance that was broadcast to millions.  Beige looks good on no-one.  As far as suit design, I've seen worse at the public pool.  You know those bathing suits with the string that goes up your hiney crack?  In Miami, no kidding, moms wear them while watching their small kids in the public wading pool. My daughter was not awake to see Miley, nor can she type Miley Cyrus into YouTube,  or spell VMAs, but she has seen moms wearing the string suit. Miley is TV.  The moms are WTF.  The divers in the Olympics shown on the big screen embarrass me for them.

Kudos.  For the creativity.  For making me laugh.  For not boring me.  Look at what those crazy kids are up to.   I really don't think many kids are going to emulate her.  If anything, it opens the door to conversation and a challenge for some other teen to do something even more inane.  Elvis, Madonna, Myley. The "line of virtue" keeps moving.  By the time my kid is a teen they'll be wearing starchy hoop skirts and shirts buttoned to the neck.  That'll shock us.   She is 20 years old.  Kids make far more life-altering decisions than to twerk on TV.  They join the armed forces, at 17.

Myley was being herself - or whoever it was she wants to be - and that should be OK.