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Do As I Say, Not As I Feel

Today is my daughter's first day of first grade.  I say today, as it is now well after midnight on August 19, 2013 and I am up with a case of the nerves. 

She has been sleeping soundly since 8:30.

I spent the whole day packing her bag, getting her clothes picked, and researching first grade trends on the internet, fearful there is something major I might have missed.  I realize I am projecting all my fears onto her.  And she is nothing like me.  Nothing at all like me in the feeling department.  Which is why I am having a glass of beer as I write this at 2 a.m. I will be 10 percent of her chill after 3 of these Belgian longnecks. 

Earlier in the day:

ME:  Aren't you nervous it's the first day

HER:  Why should I be nervous?  It's the first day for all kids.

ME:  Are you OK that your Bento box is a different than the lunch boxes other kids might have?

HER:  I don't want them to have the same. 

ME:  Will you be OK that many of your friends are not in the class?

HER:  It's OK. I'll make new friends.

I am impressed these words come from a 6 year old.  Something I say is seeping in.  To the core.  She is confident, independent. These are all the things I tell her to think and none of the answers I'd be able to say truthfully.  

I must be doing something right.