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Big sexy hair is back!

As with so many things in Miami, when it comes to hair this fall—more will be more! Volume, that is. Because those va-va-voom tresses that marked the 60s, 70s and 80s are making a strong comeback, thanks to the fall runway shows where they were on full teased display. But pulling off this look in Miami’s humidity can be tricky. So we asked Raphael Reboh, celeb hair stylist and founder of Femme Coiffure Hair Spa at The Ritz-Carlton on South Beach, for his best tips.

Start with super clean hair. “Wash it with a non-sulfate, anti-frizz shampoo. Condition lightly, staying away from thick conditioning agents, as they will weigh the hair down.”

Blow dry your hair in small sections. “This creates a smooth canvas. After your hair is completely dried, curl sections with a one-inch curling iron. Set each section by rolling it up into a curl with your fingers and securing it with a pin. Allow the hair to cool completely.”

Flip away! “Remove the pins, then tip your head forward (like you’re leaning into your lap), and flip your hair over your head. Use a paddle brush to brush out. Toss your head back to its normal position and brush the hair back. Using the palms of your hands, push the hair upward to create volume. Lightly spritz with a keratin smoothing and holding spray to mold the look. I use Leonor Greyl’s Voluforme styling spray because it really amps up volume.”