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Single Parent Traveller Tips from the Unicorn Mom

It's not impossible to travel as a single mom.  In fact, it can be rather fun.  Here are some tips:

Start with a check list.

Ask your child to write their list up first.  Then you can see what is important to your kid. Or what they won't remember if you forget to pack it. If something is forgotten, refer to the list.  Say look, it wasn't on your list that's why it got left behind.  ha ha. 

Don't Make it Hard

Travel somewhere easy to go.  You don't need to do the mountains of Nepal or anywhere else you'll be balancing child and luggage on the back of a donkey.  A good rule is to travel somewhere there is a Starbucks. 

Blame Others

On the plane, is your sweet little angel kicking the seat of the person in front?  Blame it on the greedy airlines who squash the seats so close together.  It's their fault.  

Pack Food

Take food that can last.  Don't play Russian roulette with mayonnaise.  There are enough foods seeped in preservatives to get you through the trip, whether you are traveling for days or decades.  If your child doesn't eat it now, pack it for lunch when the school year starts in 2017.

Take advantage of your situation.  

You have no "equal" to tell you where to go or what to do.  Just a little person who can be bribed easily to go to tourist attractions or shopping with a ring pop.

Don't feel bad asking for help.

The worst that will happen is someone will say "no" or steal your luggage.  

Set low expectations

You and your child are traveling to create memories.  Don't forget to laugh when things go wrong.  See the funny side and make it something you can both laugh about for years to come.  Pack things you don't care if you lose.  Only if you lose your kid is it a vacation gone wrong.