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I Survived My Family Reunion Part 2

The great thing about these family reunions is that we trade off cities, going to where our other relatives live.  If this was not the case, we would never have made it to Texas.  My daughter would not have seen that there are people who wear cowboy hats without irony.  She would not have wanted the boots which she wore proudly in Texas (100 degree heat) Back in Miami (93 degrees) she thinks they make her feet sweat too much.  Now she wants three inch cork wedges. (For Sale: Size 1 Cowboy Boots, lightly worn over three days)

If you are traveling with kids make sure you take the double decker red buses that are popping up in cities all over.  We rode the whole circuit without getting off (1 hour of content children if slathered in sunscreen, given cold water bottles and ring pops), then discussed the things we wanted to get back on the bus to see.  San Antonio is easy in that there is nothing much to go see, except the bagel place.  All the kids and my relatives in the heart of barbeque town wanted the bagel place. The bagel place with the lox cream cheese.   

Remind self:  The best way to handle family vacations is to lower the expectation bar to zero. 

I found peace at the Saloon.  

My favorite place in San Antonio was the Buckhorn Saloon & Museum.  I got to sit in the Saloon while my daughter toured the museum with other family.  What is especially fascinating about this bar-restaurant  is the collection of dead animal heads that watch you while you imbibe, from elk to an elephant, cattle to other furry things with horns.  They are all surprisingly non-judgemental.  Especially fascinating were the deer who had their heads chopped off while engaged in a death battle of locked horns. There was lots of other taxidermy as well. It was an air-conditioned version of a zoo, but with dead animals who had nowhere to hide.  And it had beer. 

We visited other fun things including the River Walk boat ride, the toy soldier shop, a trip to the children's museum (almost every major city has one now), and a photo op with the melted looking Ben Stiller in the Wax Museum window.  

Then three days and three thousand million photos later, it was time to go home.  Trip home airplane rides are the worst.  The kids are super energized and there's no place to let that energy off.  Visit your cousins, I said.  And my sister's also sent my daughter's cousins my way.  Family.  They know you best.  Have some more sugar, kids, I said. 

Too soon we were really home.  Hello neurotic cat and laundry machine.  

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