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I Survived My Family Reunion

I just got back from a family reunion.  Not only could I look forward to seeing my whole competitive family, I could enjoy San Antonio, Texas in the summer.  Not only is it as hot as Florida, it's hotter. 

I knew it would be a great trip just understanding we have 9 children in our group under the age of 8.  Five of them were on the same Miami-Austin flight and my kid was the only one without a DVD/computer/iPad.  Southwest has no TVs. Thankfully taking a child to a bathroom on a flight takes 30 minutes.  Twenty five of those minutes convincing that child that a) no way in hell can two people fit in the bathroom b)  no one will lock them in the bathroom or flush them off the plane c) its not OK to leave the bathroom door open all the way

I knew it was going to be a great trip when I got car sick on the way from Austin to San Antonio.

When we got to the hotel and the band joined together, I knew it would be a great trip when the dueling cameras came out.  Even though the technology is available, and my family is tech savvy, each member of my family still believes the best photo will be captured on his or her particular camera.  There were 8 separate family units at this reunion.  This means eight photos of the same thing taken on eight cameras.  Multiple shots in case eyes are closed or something.  Kids who wanted to sit with their backs turned towards the camera usually held the same pose across all the shots.

And in my family there is no refusing being in a photograph.  Doesn't matter if you've just come in from the 100 degree heat and spent the next 15 minutes chasing your kid through a museum. Even if you don't want to be remembered as a frizzy haired, red-faced wreck, someone else wants to remember you as such and in my family, they will pout when rejected.  Then they will tell your mother who is luckily right there.  Then they will post all the photos, without filtering through them, on some photo sharing site so all can print them.

One great thing about my family is that everyone is an Alpha.  This means we'd meet and everyone would splinter off and go their separate ways.  Three of us would wander the Alamo, a few other would be at the museum and then others, the hotel pool, which was like a puddle in a parking lot.  Interestingly, we all did the same things, just at different times. 

The Alamo takes 5 minutes to tour.  Four minutes with a six year old.  Ten minutes if you promise your child gift shop time/ candy while you speed read through the exhibits.