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My Parent-Camp Director Conference

This morning I had to go to my child's camp and talk with the director.  P wasn't happy with a few of the camp's policies and I wanted some clarification. I also wanted to see what the camp thought about my kid, having now known her for two weeks.

A typical conversation between me and her that got me to go to the director:

HER: I was in a time-out today.

ME: For doing what?

HER:  Nothing.  I touched the piano.

ME: Did they tell you not to touch the piano.

HER:  Other days they told us not to touch it, but not today.

Technically, she could be correct.

Apparently, too, she read the camp rules on the wall.  She then told them she couldn't understand what they all mean, so how could she know the rules. 

Technically, she is correct. 

She was upset that the counselors wouldn't answer all her questions in her classes.

HER:  I had a question and they didn't answer me.

ME:  Did your question have to do with what the counselors were telling the group?

HER:  No, I had a question. They said who has questions.  They didn't say it had to be about anything.

Technically, she is correct. 

The conversation at camp went well.  It was good for me to go.   I listen to my child often and closely and there are a number of things that come up that need to be investigated and clarified.  Some things need to be changed on the adult side, and some things I need to discuss more with her.  I see it all as good practice for the many, many, many, many of these conversations I see in the future.  

She's going to be a fun teenager.