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List of ‘indefinite detainees’

These are the names and nationalities of the 48 Guantánamo captives, whom an Obama administration Task Force in 2010 classified as indefinite detainees ineligible for release, transfer or prosecution. Their formal classification is “continued detention pursuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force (2001), as informed by principles of the laws of war.” The captives’ names are different on different documents.

This lists reflects the names on a release to The Miami Herald under the Freedom of Information Act, and includes each captive’s internment serial number, ISN, as a guide. Two of the detainees on the list have since died at Guantánamo, one of a suicide and another of a heart attack. Each of these men is identified with an asterisk and the notation deceased.

ISN 004, Abdul Haq Wasiq (Afghanistan)

ISN 006, Mullah Norullah Noori (Afghanistan)

ISN 007, Mullah Mohammed Fazl (Afghanistan)

ISN 027, Uthman Abd al-Rahim Muhammad Uthman (Yemen)

ISN 028, Moath Hamza Ahmed al-Alwi (Yemen)

ISN 029, Mohammed al-Ansi (Yemen)

ISN 031, Mahmud Abd Al Aziz Al Mujahid (Yemen)

ISN037, Abdel Malik Ahmed Abdel Wahab al Rahabi (Yemen)

ISN041, Majid Mahmud Abdu Ahmed (Yemen)

ISN042, Abd al Rahman Shalbi Isa Uwaydah (Saudi Arabia)

ISN044, Muhammed Rajab Sadiq Abu Ghanim (Yemen)

ISN045, Ali Ahmad al-Razihi (Yemen)

ISN128, Ghaleb Nassar al Bihani (Yemen)

ISN131, Salem Ahmad Hadi Bin Kanad (Yemen)

ISN195, Mohammed al-Shimrani (Saudi Arabia)

ISN232, Fawzi Khalid Abdullah Fahad al Odah (Kuwait)

ISN235, Saeed Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah Sarem Jarabh (Yemen)

ISN242, Khalid Ahmed Qasim (Yemen)

ISN244, Abdul Latif Nasir (Morocco)

ISN324, Mashur Abdullah Muqbil Ahmed al-Sabri (Yemen)

ISN434, Mustafa Abd al-Qawi Abd al-Aziz al-Shamiri (Yemen)

ISN441, Abdul Rahman Ahmed (Yemen)

ISN508, Salman Yahya Hassan Mohammad Rabei’i (Yemen)

ISN522, Yassim Qasim Mohammed Ismail Qasim (Yemen)

ISN552, Faez Mohammed Ahmed al-Kandari (Kuwait)

ISN560, Haji WaH Muhammed (Afghanistan)

ISN576, Zahar Omar Hamis bin Hamdoun (Yemen)

ISN579, Khairullah Said Wali Khairkhwa (Afghanistan)

ISN695, Omar Khalif Mohammed Abu Baker Mahjour Umar (Libya)

ISN708, Ismael Ali Faraj Ali Bakush (Libya)

ISN713, Mohammed al Zahrani (Saudi Arabia)

ISN782, Awal Gul (Afghanistan) * deceased

ISN832, Mohammad Nabi Omari (Afghanistan)

ISN836, Ayub Murshid Ali Salih (Yemen)

ISN837, Bashir Nasir Ali al-Marwalah (Yemen)

ISN838, Shawqi Awad Balzuhair (Yemen)

ISN839, Musab Omar Ali al-Mudwani (Yemen)

ISN840, Hail Aziz Ahmed al-Maythali (Yemen)

ISN841, Said Salih Said Nashir (Yemen)

ISN975, Karim Bostan (Afghanistan)

ISN1017, Omar Mohammed Ali al-Rammah (Yemen)

ISN1045, Mohammed Kamin (Afghanistan)

ISN1119, Ahmid al Razak (Afghanistan)

ISN1463, Abd al-Salam al-Hilah (Yemen)

ISN10023, Guleed Hassan Ahmed (Somalia)

ISN10025, Mohammed Abdul Malik Bajabu (Kenya)

ISN10028, Inayatullah (Afghanistan)* deceased

ISN10029, Muhammad Rahim (Afghanistan)