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Daniela Swaebe, the designer

By Keith W. Strandberg

Jewelry designer Daniela Swaebe says she absolutely, positively has to wear a watch. Hyper-punctual by her own admission, sometimes militantly so, “I don’t like people waiting on me, it’s just in me that I am a punctual person,” she says, fully acknowledging the irony of having been born and raised in famously tardy Miami. “I’d much rather wait for someone than be late.”

Most days, Swaebe dons her silver and gold Rolex Datejust; and on other days, when she wants to make a bigger statement, she slips on her boyfriend’s Cartier Tank. “The Cartier was his father’s,” she explains. “I like it because it’s big and gold.” Swaebe, whose jewelry is available at select Neiman Marcus stores (including the one at Merrick Park in Coral Gables) and online at, recently introduced her own fashion watch line, Gala by Daniela Swaebe, which features bright colors and interchangeable straps. “I was looking to do fun watches,” she says. “I have been creating fine jewelry for 15 years, so the watch line was something fun, different and affordable.” It’s also fashionable, since its creator kept in mind that she herself is always looking for “ways to wear my bracelets with my watch and not be overdone.” Seems like she figured it out just fine.