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Tracey Dykes: The Expert

By Keith W. Strandberg

Before Tracey Dykes, president of Weston Jewelers, started working in the watch and jewelry business, she was a homicide prosecutor in the State Attorney’s office. She and her husband, who is the CEO, started Weston Jewelers 12 years ago this year, and she hasn’t looked back since. Indulge caught up with her to find out what every buyer needs to know, or ask, before making an important timepiece or jewelry purchase.

Choose your jeweler carefully.

“Choosing a jeweler is similar to choosing a physician,” Dykes says. “The most important thing is to develop trust and to know what they are representing is what it is, that the quality is guaranteed. You have to have a relationship where you can feel safe and confident knowing your jeweler has your best interest in mind.”

Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Sure, you can research on the Internet, but it can still be confusing and filled with jargon and specialized terms. “Your jeweler should take the time to explain everything you need to know—about the timepiece and its functions, or the four C’s of diamonds,” Dykes says. “Some people have in their minds exactly what they are looking for and exactly what they are comfortable spending; other people come in and they have no idea at all.” She adds, “If you give a price range you can afford, a good jeweler will show you a selection of products, including something a little bit higher as a comparison. You shouldn’t feel pressured to go higher than you want, and if the jeweler tries to push you higher, it could be a sign that they’re not right for you.”

Ask about service.

Being able to take your purchase back to your local jeweler is important, as mechanical watches, for example, require service every three to five years. “A good store will have jewelers and watchmakers on staff that can do repairs on-site,” Dykes says. “It’s a benefit to have the store satisfy all your needs, to be able to do any service, repairs or additional work.”

Expect a fantastic experience and trust your instincts.

In today’s world, with so many opportunities to research and purchase on the Internet, it’s more important than ever that the brick-and-mortar stores make your experience all the more special. “There are some things that people can purchase on the Internet, but a lot of people get fooled and what they think is a good deal is not always so good,” Dykes details. “It’s best to try on watches and jewelry, see how they feel on.” Dykes adds that you need to feel comfortable and trust your instincts. “The environment has to be right for you,” she says. “You should be made to feel special no matter if you are buying something for $100 or $100,000.”

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