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Miami-Dade cancer fighter Bella Rodriguez-Torres dies at age 10; LeBron, DWade honor her spirit

Bella Rodriguez-Torres, a South Florida girl who battled cancer for six years, died Tuesday, her family announced. She was 10.

Bella had made news for surviving past the years doctors said she would live and her parents considered her recovery a miracle. She was first diagnosed at age 4.

Her father wrote a book about his daughter’s ordeal and coined the phrase, “Live Like Bella.” She also had her own popular website.

At Game 4 of the Miami Heat vs. Pacers game Tuesday, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade wore shoes with “Live Like Bella’ written on them in her honor.

Bella had been under hospice care since the beginning of May, according to her parents, Raymond and Shannah.

“Bella didn’t lose her battle with cancer but instead won the reward of an eternal life,” her mother told CBS4.

In March, she spent six weeks receiving intensive cancer treatment in Houston.

Despite those treatments, her parents said Bella’s organs began failing. Her kidney and lung functions were greatly affected and her bone marrow was exhausted. Ultrasounds of Bella’s lungs showed new disease on the lining.

Her parents prepared for the worse.

“There are few words that can describe what it feels like to have to make a decision of this magnitude. While it has been painstaking to decide to no longer fight and now just ensure her comfort, we are at peace,” her mother told CBS4 earlier this month.

Bella spent more than half her life in a grueling battle against an aggressive form of cancer.

Diagnosed at age four with rhabdomyosarcoma, she went through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Funeral arrangements have not been released.