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Summer Resolutions

 Why wait until Jan. 1 to make your annual vows? Summer in Florida is the perfect time to begin again. The school taxi business is out of service. Endless nights without homework stretch in front of us. Life slows down (theoretically). What better season to start anew? 

Here’s what I aim to check off over the next three months. 

  1. Hang the hammock we bought five Father’s Days ago. (The backyard trees are big enough now.)
  2. Explore Florida more with my family. 
  3. Revive my morning exercise routine.
  4. Teach my kids to play chess.
  5. Eat more salads
  6. Read, read, read.
  7. Watch more old movies with my kids.
  8. Buy more fresh flowers. 
  9. Write more letters.
  10. Paint my daughters’ bathroom Bondi blue. (I’ve had the paint sample hanging on the wall since last summer.)