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Two charged in kidnapping, beating and shooting of ATM repairman

Two men accused of kidnapping, beating and shooting a North Miami ATM repairman have been arrested.

According to North Miami police, Stanley Fleurant, 19, and Ricardo Eloi, 27, are responsible for the May 4 shooting that left Juan Carlos Canales in the hospital with limited mobility. It’s unclear whether Canales, 26, will ever walk again, his family said at a press conference last week.

The pair have been charged with armed robbery, second-degree attempted murder, kidnapping, grand theft and aggravated battery with great bodily harm.

Police say Eloi and Fleurant carjacked Canales outside of his North Miami condominium and threw him into the trunk of the car.

Canales, a DeVry University student who works as an ATM service man, was able to free himself from the trunk. But his attackers tracked him down, beat him and shot him, according to police.

Fleurant and Eloi were arrested by North Miami Beach police on an unrelated case and the department forwarded the suspects’ picture to North Miami.

“North Miami Beach police were working a case similar to this and our victim positively identified the two guys,” said North Miami police spokesman Maj. Neal Cuevas.