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North Miami mayoral candidate punched in the mouth

A North Miami mayoral candidate was attacked at his campaign headquarters by an acquaintance who was upset that he is seeking higher office.

North Miami police arrested Blaise Felix Tuesday night for punching Councilman Jean Marcellus in the mouth after a heated discussion about the city’s May 14 election.

Marcellus, one of seven candidates vying for mayor, said he knew Felix from when they worked on a real estate deal together several years ago.

Felix, 58, was charged with battery on an elected official and booked into Miami-Dade County jail. Records show as of Wednesday afternoon he was still in custody.

Felix has never been arrested in Florida before, according to state Department of Law Enforcement Records.

“When he came last night, we were catching up on old times. Then he started to talk about the campaign,” said Marcellus. “That’s when he said, ‘You can’t win the race, you’re an m-fer,’ and he got really pissed.”

The two men were sitting in a back office at Marcellus’ campaign headquarters, 13910 NE 12th Ave.

“He said, you cannot be the mayor, I won’t let you be the mayor,” Marcellus said Wednesday.

As Marcellus got up to leave the office to defuse the situation, he said Felix “sucker-punched” him.

According to the police report, Marcellus suffered a busted upper lip and a cut on his tongue. A witness told police he saw Felix grab Marcellus by his neck.

“The punch was a surprise to me, I pushed him away and that’s when my supporters came in and grabbed him,” Marcellus said.

Marcellus said Felix tried to reach for a knife that was on his desk, but could not get it with several men holding him down.

Marcellus was treated by paramedics on the scene for the injuries to his mouth. Felix was taken to Jackson Memorial North after complaining he had a pain in his right hand, according to the police report.

Marcellus said nothing surprises him when it comes to election season in North Miami.

“The election is coming up. Things are getting worse. We don’t know if there are people out there ready to attack me because it’s a tight race and people are threatened,” he said. “This is the time of the election when people will do crazy things.”