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Just effing do it.

No, I ain’t famous. Nor is my story so sensational that the fickle paparazzi are banging down my door to put me on the evening news. But rather, my humble struggles are evergreen, and my story is about all of us and how we handle adversity—an inescapable component of the human experience.

Three and a half years ago, I embarked on an arduous journey, a journey that would compel me to re-live and reevaluate the meaning of the most difficult years of my life. A journey that would force me to be brave and go deep to dig out layers of repressed emotions and make sense of it all in an effort to help others.

So I began to write my memoir. Perhaps had I chosen to pen a novel, I could have banged out the 90k words much faster. But I’ve never been one to take the easy road. Somehow, despite my denial—on some subconscious level—I consistently choose the road less traveled.

Once I began, instantly I knew I had no choice but to finish, in spite of the many setbacks presented along the way. And like everything else I’ve ever been able to accomplish in life, I tapped into my innate feistiness to fuel my drive to keep going regardless of the lack of sleep, sex, food,  bouts of depression, and toll it oftentimes took on me and my family.

I wouldn’t let anything derail me. I had a mission, a burning desire, and the clarity of why.

While writing, I didn’t know if the story’s messages of hope and faith and never give up would resonate with many or few, I just knew intuitively that after all I’d been through, life trained me to deliver them.

Today, as my book slowly makes its way into the hands and hearts of readers worldwide, I am in awe and grateful beyond words to learn that my story—one of tragedy and triumph and unwavering faith—is inspiring folks to reevaluate their own struggles and face them courageously.

Here are just a few words readers have shared with me:

·        “Your book inspired me to leave my current job and pursue my childhood passion. No more second-guessing myself. I am free.”

·        “[The pearls in] your book [that was being read when the tragedy occurred] is helping my wife deal with the shocking death of her father.”

·        “I feel empowered that I could handle anything that comes my way after reading your inspiring book!”

·        “Even at age seventy, I feel renewed and reinvigorated to go back out into the community and work again. Your strength jumped off the pages and infused me with inspiration that I too can start again, despite my two-year medical hiatus.”

·        “Thank you for giving us all permission to bitch and moan and then telling us to get up, and move on.”

In hindsight, I can say yes, all the sacrifices made over the last three and a half years were worth it.

And I tell you this: if you have a burning desire to do something, and it is so great that it keeps you up at night, find a way to just effing do it!

You will never go wrong when you listen to your heart. Take it from me. Against all odds, I stubbornly completed this project and now, am living my dream of inspiring others! If I can do it, anybody can!

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