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A milestone - and a new look!

We’ve renovated!

MomsMiami is 5 years old this month. So we did a little spiffing up for the occasion.

We hope you like the more streamlined design and improved functionality of the site. Here’s a tour of the changes you’ll experience:

  •     Facebook commenting. You will no longer need to “register” on MomsMiami to make comments. You can log in through your Facebook account. This will also make it much easier to share posts you love with your friends.
  •     Revamped forums. Your Mom2Mom experience will also be simpler. Just click on the headline for the topic you are interested in and post away. The most current conversations will appear at the top.
  •     New Back Talk section. This is your place to sound off on what’s happening in the mom world - or just to vent. We hear you.    
  •    Refined blogger lineup. You will still find your favorite Featured Bloggers and have access to all of their posts. We will no longer have reader-generated blogs. However, if you are interested in becoming a featured blogger, email us - editor @ And we welcome other South Florida mom bloggers to join us in the comments.
  •     New Just In section. Here you will find the latest parenting news from around the country, constantly updated.
  •     Same email newsletter. If you are getting the weekly MomsMiami email newsletter, you will continue to get it. If you’re not getting it, sign up below.    
  •     Redesigned events calendar. You’ll find more listings for a bigger time frame - and have the ability to easily add your group’s events, as well.    
  •     Redesigned Market. Formerly known as “Swap Your Stuff,” this is where you can post things to buy, sell, trade or give away. It’s a great place to unload outgrown baby equipment, kids clothes and more. Use the “Mom Made” category to post the products you are creating yourself. 

We hope you enjoy the changes and continue to contribute to the conversation about surviving motherhood in South Florida. Send bug alerts, whiny complaints, songs of praise or other feedback to us any time: editor @

Thank you for sharing!