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Et tu, Baby? Kids who betray their parents

Beware the Ides of March? Forget that. What I fear now is October and this unexplained sudden outbreak of offspring betraying parents.

First, the son of New York society maven Brooke Astor was convicted on charges that he defrauded his mother and stole tens of millions of dollars from her as she suffered from Alzheimer's near the end of her life.

Then, here in Florida, the Broward County mayor turned her back on her politician father and endorsed his opponent in the race for mayor of Tamarac, prompting dad to confront the defiant daughter with a gun.

Then best-selling author Dan Brown published his latest thriller, The Lost Symbol, which (not to spoil it too much) deals in part with a son's betrayal of his father.

Even Balloon Boy betrayed his parents – inadvertently perhaps – when he puked on national television, tipping off an already-skeptical public to his parents' attention-grabbing hoax. (I'm sure Balloon Boy will eventually turn even more on his wacky mom and dad when he grows up and realizes what crap they've put him through.)

What's going on? Parents haven't had to fear this kind of double-crossing from their own flesh and blood since the Menendez brothers killed their rich parents in 1989.

Do parents bring this on themselves? Or does this kind of unfaithfulness from sons and daughters come without any warning?