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What moms really want for Mother's Day

Screw the Hallmark card and brunch. Definitely ditch the vacuum cleaner idea. What moms really want for Mother's Day (33 days away and counting) is this:

· Breakfast in bed – and someone to clean up the kitchen afterward.

· Someone to work out for me and I reap the benefits, like that creepy guy in the Direct TV commercials with the little giraffes.

· A movie that doesn't involve animated characters or teen heartthrobs.

· A day of shopping. Alone.

· A text from my 12-year-old that has a heart in it.

· A chance to run out on a whim and meet a friend for a drink.

· A pedicure that does not get stepped on in the first 24 hours.

· A YES day that requires a "yes" response from my kids to everything I ask.

· To walk in the bathroom once and not find wet towels on the floor.

· A Saturday without a track meet, softball game or soccer match.

· Someone to do all my laundry AND put it away.

· Uninterrupted time to read the entire Sunday paper.

· Someone to take all the photos out of their boxes & finally create my photo albums.

· Everybody enforcing their own bed time, with lights out by 9 p.m.

· A free pass from the babysitter.

· To walk into the house at the end of a long work day and smell dinner cooking.

· Acknowledgement that their lives would fall apart without me.