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Honey = Over?

Have you heard about the book that claims calling your husband "honey" is the kiss of death to a marriage?

Maggie Arana and Julienne Davis – two women whose credentials for giving relationship advice are that one was in a "sexless relationship for many years" and the other had a small part in Eyes Wide Shut, the last movie Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman did together before their break-up – say that cutesy nicknames should be used for toddlers, not your man between the covers, because they dull our desire. It's their belief that when you start calling your partner "honey" it's the beginning of the end of passion in the bedroom.

So I guess sugar-booger is out.

Actually, I don't think I've ever used "honey" for my husband or anybody else. Isn't that term of endearment reserved by Aunt Bee types who wear Chanel No. 5 and clasp you to their bosoms? When I want to be nice to my husband, I usually resort to "babe," which is a significant improvement to most of the other names I have called him.

The two "experts" who wrote Stop Calling Him Honey … And Start Having Sex also contend that you can help your relationship by arguing more with your spouse and not peeing in front of him. Now that I can handle. But coming up with a pet name that adds spice to your love life? Not so easy. Here's my list so far. Any suggestions?

Pork Chop

Love Slave



Big Daddy

Love Waffle


Meat Sauce