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Peace, Baby

You've got to hand it to the Spaniards. While peace signs proliferate on clothing and jewelry here in the States, the country of Spain issued the best non-commercial statement for peace when its new Minister of Defense emerged to inspect her troops in a maternity top, seven months pregnant.

Carme Chacón Piqueras, who recently gave birth to her son Miquel, is the first woman to head Spain's armed forces. She's part of newly-re-elected prime minister Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's cabinet, which for the first time in the country's history includes more women (9) than men (8).

The prime minister has already established he's all about sexual revolution. He's passed laws against domestic violence, legalized gay marriage, eased divorce laws and required political parties to practice gender parity. During his re-election campaign, he vowed to eradicate sexism, harassment and intolerance.

Silencing criticism that pregnancy and the challenges of new motherhood would hinder her, Chacón, 37, took off in her last trimester on a whirlwind tour to visit Spanish peacekeeping troops in Afghanistan, Lebanon and Bosnia. Most people in Spain are largely pacifist. (More than 90 percent support humanitarian and peace-keeping missions, according to a 2005 poll by the Center for Sociological Research in Madrid.)

Who says an army has to be all about force? The pic of Chacón reviewing the troops with her baby bump has become the best symbol for peace since photojournalist Bernie Boston shot the 1967 "Flower Power" photo of a Vietnam War protestor placing flowers in a soldier's gun barrel at an anti-war protest in Washington, D.C.

Make babies, not bullets.