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Small Talk: Political Commentary from We The (Little) People

Listening to my kids and their friends chat about the election, I've decided adults should tear up their voter registration cards and let the under-10 set have their say. Here on Nov. 4 – the day the sh** hits the fan – is a tribute to the Presidential Election as spoken from the mouths of babes. These comments were collected from other moms and my own back seat.

On division of labor: "I always thought all the presidents were men and all the vice presidents were women."

Appearance is everything: "Joe Biden kinda looks like a Republican, doesn't he?"

Appearances, part II: "This guy must be a politician," one 6-year-old holding a Lego man said.


"Because he's wearing a tie."

Counting votes: "Obama must be winning. I just counted 10 yard signs."

On Party disappointment:

"Mom, what's a Republican?"

"It's a member of one of the political parties in our country."


"Why do you seem so sad?

"I thought it was one of the guys from Star Wars."

Primary fever: "I don't want Hillary Clinton to win because I want to be the first woman president."

On the economy: "I don't get it. Why don't they just give everyone $100? Then everyone will be rich."

On being different: "Mom! Guess what? My best friend is a Republican. What do I do now?"

On Sarah Palin: "Gosh, Mom, she sure talks a lot. How does she BREATHE?"

Spelling lessons: "Mommy, look. Those people are McCain voters."

"No, that's an Obama sign. See? O-Bama. It begins with an O. McCain begins with an M. MMM-Cain. "


On John McCain:

"Mama, why is that man so angry?"

Friends in high places: "Why is he calling us his friends? We don't even know him!"

On Joe Biden: "That guy must brush his teeth a lot. He has the whitest teeth I've ever seen!"