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Bad Mom Confessions

I was a horrible mom last week. I ended up feeding my kids at fast-food drive-thrus 2 nights in a row when we had 2 back-to-back, late-night events I had to attend. On top of that, because we had no food in the house, I ordered extra McNuggets to put in my kids' lunch boxes for the next day.

I was so ashamed of what I did that I ended up … telling a bunch of people about it. As if confessing the maternal sins would somehow absolve me.

I actually felt better repeating the story and laughing about it. Don't know if I was reveling in rebellion after breaking a Good Mom Rule. Or if, by broadcasting my transgressions, I was making it clear to bad mommy accusers that this was indeed an unusual occurrence in our household. Either way, it was liberating.

With Mother's Day less than a month away, I think it's time to call for a Bad Mom Amnesty Period. Between now and May 8, we should be able to confess every mom sin ever committed and win a free Get Out of Guilt card. No judgments (because we moms are our own worst critics). No penalties. Kinda like those voluntary surrenders of guns or exotic animals the police and zoo sometimes offer.

I can easily start it off. If feeding your kids food that can eventually kill them isn't horrible enough in your Mom Rules Book, I certainly have a few others to confess. How 'bout you?

-I let my kids watch inappropriately scary movies.

-Sometimes I go to bed before my kids & nobody tucks them in.

-I have lied to my kids and told them the lady who cleans our house threw out their nasty, dirty stuffed animal, even though it was me.

-I let my kids stay up late on Monday nights to watch "Castle" on TV.

-I usually don't know when my kids have tests at school.

-Sometimes I lose track of how many days have gone by since my youngest child's last shower.

-I regift some presents my kids get for their birthdays and Christmas if they don't open them.