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Shave it for later

What's up with all the moustaches?

The brief fascination with owls I understood. Even the mushrooms. But this throwback to furry upper lips has me stumped – and a little uncomfortable.

I grew up in the 1970s, when every dirty old man had a flavor savor and a T-shirt that said "Moustache rides for free."

Think Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, John Oates, The Village People.

Moustaches for me have always had an overtly slick, sexual message.

When my 12-year-old told me she wanted to get her friend a moustache necklace for her birthday last year, I nervously laughed and dismissed it as silly.

But now the mo is trending everywhere. You can find it on T-shirts, notebooks, pillows, coffee cups, smart phone covers, socks, lollipops, stickers, cookie cutters, bandages, rings. There are even moustache nail tips and – much to my dismay – girls' underwear with handlebar moustaches on the front.

You can buy fakes ones in different styles or go the cheap shortcut route and draw them on your fingers to hold under your nose. People are donning them for wedding pictures and baby photos. At the last few parties my kids attended, fake moustaches were the party favors.

I get it. It's so out, it's in. But is it only me who associates moustaches with either cops or sex offenders?

What is it with adolescent girls and their fascination with lip ticklers?

I employed my journalistic skills and spent 5 minutes on Google to track down the origins of today's moustache novelty craze. As far as I can tell, it started about three years ago, when PETA began its "Grow Your Own Fur" campaign, posting a picture of a rabbit wearing a fake moustache and the slogan, "You can help stop the killing of animals for their fur by growing your own fur." Around the same time, runway models started sporting stashes with designs by Bernhard Willhelm, Vivienne Westwood and Dino Alves. The craze gained momentum in late 2011 with Movember, a campaign in which men grow moustaches throughout the month of November to increase awareness about men's health issues. Movember even teamed up with Toms shoes to create a shoe with a moustache printed on the side.

In the past year, everybody from Mila Kunis to Jennifer Lawrence has been photographed wearing fake moustaches, which kinda explains why the fixation is trending down to my daughters' tween age group at this time.

I know I just need to wait it out and eventually I'll be packing away all this moustache gear with Silly Bandz, Twilight T-shirts and hair feathers.

Meanwhile, if you're a grown man toying with the idea of resurrecting those shirts offering moustache rides, you may want to think again. I pack a BIC.