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Things our kids will never know

My 11-year-old daughter was so excited the other day. "Mom, I found a new way to unlock the car," she said, grabbing the electronic car lock-alarm in my hand. She punched the button to pop my key out and jammed it into my car door lock. "Look, you can open the car this way, too!"

I felt a gray hair sprout on my head.

Like beepers, encyclopedias and record players, there are some things from my life that my kids will probably never see or need. There is a great technology divide stretching between our generations. And sometimes I forget they don't always know how we got here.

Like the time when our house phone was ringing and we couldn't find the receiver. "Mom," my youngest daughter said, "why don't they build a phone with a string connecting it so we can find it?"

Good idea – about 140 years too late.

Here, to mark what's been lost in the digital age, I've started a list of other things our kids may never experience. Have any to add?

· Loading film into a camera

· Cranking the car window down with your hand

· Popping popcorn on the stove (Jiffy Pop anyone?)

· Not knowing who's calling when the phone rings

· Typing on a typewriter

· Refilling the ice cube trays

· Looking out the window during a long drive

· Writing a check

· Using floppy disks

· Twisting the cord aimlessly around their wrists while chatting on the phone

· Hearing static on radio stations

· Using a paper map, instead of GPS, to get somewhere

· Making a mixed tape

· Smacking a TV to get rid of the horizontal lines

· Watching a movie on TV without skipping the commercials

· Memorizing someone's phone number

· Getting a pizza actually delivered in 30 minutes

· Opening a phone book

· Holding a camera to their eye

· Reading a clock with a face

· Hearing a modem scream while trying to connect

· Using a pay phone

· Searching for a book in the library's card catalog

· Waiting to hear your favorite song on the radio

· Partying like it's 1999