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When Hubby is Stray-Rod

Looks like Cynthia Rodriguez finally woke up and smelled the café con leche.

A quick recap for those who haven't been able to read this week's celeb porn rags around the pool:

A-Rod is now supposedly hitting it out of the ballpark with Madonna. (Prepare yourself for the "Mad-Rod" headlines.) Wife Cynthia, who became pregnant last year just months after hubby Alex was linked to an exotic dancer from Vegas, filed for divorce yesterday here in Miami. Three-month-old Ella's papi has been slipping in and out of Madonna's New York apartment late at night. Some say the visits started the night after his wife gave birth to their second daughter.

There are two things that bother me about this story (beyond the fact that baseball's most over-paid third baseman has given up stealing bases for stealing other people's wives).

1. Why did his wife wait this long to leave his sorry ass?

2. Where were her girlfriends through all this?

This woman has been married to Yankee Doodle Randy for six years. Isn't it a girlfriend's role to knock some sense into a woman when her sleazy hubby is two-timing her? (I use the term "two-timing" loosely because, by all accounts, it's more like "200-timing.") Was anyone brave enough to shake this woman by the shoulders and tell her, "Honey, he's just not that into you?"

Oh well, looks like Cynthia may have found something better than a blunt girlfriend. When news of her spouse's hook-up with the pop tart first broke, she holed up with Lenny Kravitz in his mansion in Paris.

Here's a curious example of Six Degrees of Separation: Kravitz co-wrote and produced the sexy song "Justify My Love" for Madonna in 1990. Coincidence? Or proof that all these celebrities are swapping the same STD?