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If life is a joke, MotherHood is the punch line

Finally, a leak in the June Cleaver conspiracy. There's bitchy, edgy mom fun on the Net and it's a helluva lot more scintillating than packing your kid's lunchbox at 6 a.m. It's called In The MotherHood (

The snarky web TV site airs three- to five-minute video clips based on real tales of less-than-perfect mommy moments: supermarket meltdowns, public displays of naughty laundry, over-the-top bake sale moms, play dates from hell.

Spoiler: One of my favorite mini-episodes involves a potty-training accident in a hardware store's display toilet. Come on, 'fess up. Who hasn't picked up a child and run after sweetie pie drops a load in aisle 4? What makes the mundane marvelous is the smart, irreverent cast.

Comedienne Jenny McCarthy and late-show TV host Chelsea Handler play nothing-in-common sisters. Leah Remini ("King of Queens") is the wisecracking friend; Jane Curtain smirks as the Mom From Hell. In one first-day-of-school flashback, the former SNL Ignorant Slut sports a big 1970s hairdo and groovy blue eyeshadow as she gives her little daughter the blow off. "I have to get to my disco aerobics class so I can get that body back that you and your sister stole from me," she tell the forlorn first-grader.

Here's how the site works: Moms compete by submitting their real-life stories based on a theme. The online mom community votes on its favorite submission, which is then polished by professional writers and developed into a mercifully short and snappy web-based film.

There's also a serious (read: boring) section of chat rooms, games and suggestions for family "fun" obviously created by marketers from the site's sponsors, Suave and Sprint. Moms whose stories are turned into screenplays have received prizes from the advertisers and have been flown out to visit the set during tapings.

Word is the web series has been so popular (16 million streams of online traffic in its second season) that ABC is developing an adaptation of the online serial for TV. Is the real world ready for "Desperate (Diaper-Changing) Housewives?"