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Is Tweeting Cheating?

Is it cheating if he never met them?

I'm talking, of course, about the already infamous press conference in which Weiner admitted yesterday that he tweeted his weiner to a young woman in Seattle.

New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, 46, admitted tearfully late Monday afternoon that he has had inappropriate conversations with six women over the past three years through social networking. He claims he has never met a single one of them. Through his apologetic boo hoos, he also revealed that his stunning wife of one year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's aide Huma Abedin, would "weather this" with him and remain in the marriage.

So he gets to keep the girl, his Congressional seat, the gray underwear and his Twitter account?

If you were Mrs. Weiner what would make you angrier: The weiner tweet? All the lying that led up to Weinergate? (Or the fact that your name is now Huma Weiner?)

What kind of advice do you think Hillary is giving her aide today about how to deal with a husband who photographs his junk and shares the pic with strange women? Is a virtual affair as bad as the kind that produces a stained blue dress and a decade's worth of cigar jokes?

"These were people I'd developed relationships with online," Weiner told the assembled media throngs. "I didn't think of them strangers."

A sex scandal with no sex?

But where there's a smokin' weiner, there's fire. Monday night, Weiner's virtual infidelities took a closer step to reality when one of his online girlfriends (a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas) made the claim that she and the Congressman had phone sex on his office phone. (How old-fashioned.) She says they exchanged as many as 200 messages, during which time Weiner asked for photographs of her vagina, and confessed to her that he was exchanging sexy messages with other women on Facebook.

He's not the lone weenie out there. Weiner's social media slip-up comes on the heels of Rep. Chris Lee's shirtless Craigslist pictures just a few months ago. Both men are married.

Every married man fantasizes about other woman. Heck, even Jimmy Carter admitted doing it. But is it crossing the line when the fantasy becomes a public feed?

If you found out that your husband had a hidden, lascivious online life, would you stand by your man? Or fire up the weiner roast?